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Chickens and Ducks

Here is a movie about kids making a movie. These are my kids: Eira, Lucy, and Amanda feeding and playing with the neighbor’s chickens and ducks. Our dog, Natasha, wishes she could join in, but she is a well known chicken killer.

Fairy Houses

Over the holidays we made Fairy houses. They’re made out of old flower pots and other odds and ends (the same way that real fairies build their houses). The girls and I made them and kept it a secret from Jennifer until her birthday. Made me feel very crafty. Eira is hoping that real fairies will come and live in the houses.


The incredible true story of a Godzilla-like dog that threatened humanity.


This is another acoustic arrangement of a pop-song. Enjoy.

Arr. by Geoff Groberg (original song by Owl City)
Vocals: Geoff Groberg, Amanda Groberg, Lucy Groberg
Other instruments, mixing and stuff: Geoff

Olive Us

My super cool cousins, Ben and Gabby Blair, have been making a series of fun videos featuring their kids. They let me do some of the music including the music in this video. Check it out:

Watch more episodes here.

Stars Were Gleaming

Merry Christmas. Here’s a recording of my sweet little girls singing Stars Were Gleaming.

Stars Were Gleaming

Geoff Groberg: Guitars and Banjo.
Jennifer Groberg, Amanda Groberg, Lucy Groberg, Eira Groberg: Vocals.

Lucy and Amanda