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Geoff Groberg

Hi, I'm Geoff Groberg

I'm a freelance creative professional with a background in Audio-Visual Media. I've enjoyed working on a variety of projects over the years with clients ranging from individual people starting a business to large universities.

I currently live in Winston-Salem, North Carolina where I'm finishing up an M.F.A degree in Documentary Film and Media. I also have a B.A. degree in Film/Media Arts.

I'd love to help out with your next project, whether it's a website, video, or something else. Send me an email and let's talk about it.

At Your Service

Rich Media

Create compelling, rich media for Web, Audio, Video, and Print.

Web Design

Stand out with clean, attractive, and professional design.


Develop rich, data-driven applications for the modern web.


The Silence of War

I designed and coded this transmedia website as part of a collaborative storytelling project centered around a small group of African American Vietnam veterans from rural, eastern North Carolina.


Driven Blind

My MFA thesis film, a short documentary that follows Dan Parker, a world champion drag racer, as he tries to rebuild his life after losing his sight in a tragic racing accident.


Fishing with Tex

I produced this 3 part audio interview in which Tex Howard, an African-American Vietnam veteran, recounts experiences before, during, and after Vietnam.


Home Subjects

I designed this website for an academic group interested in the history of 18th century art in the home.


frames + sound

An HTML/CSS/JS framework I developed to simplify the creation of rich media and audio stories for the web.

EQ Checkout

A web application I created for universities and schools to help with equipment reservations and inventory management.


Atomic Retro Customs

I co-directed this short documentary about a man who designs electric guitars inspired by retro, atomic-age culture.


Heard it Here

I designed this website used by Wake Forest University journalism students to publish their local news articles.


The Hollerin' Contest at Spivey's Corner

I co-produced this 17-minute short documentary about the history, characters, and sounds of the National Hollerin’ Contest.


Wake Forest Advantage Touch Screen Kiosk

I designed and programmed an interactive touch screen kiosk for the Wake Forest Advantage Global Outreach program.


I developed this crowd sourcing transcription application used to create electronic transcriptions of rare documents and manuscripts.


Mormon Migration

I worked as the lead developer on this searchable, web-based database application. The project was a collaboration with Religious Studies and the Lee Library at Brigham Young University.



I'd love to hear about your project.
Send me an email and I'll see if I can help.