BYU Folk Dance tour 1996

“You know CecilieĀ I’m just calling because you are a friend of mine and I want to tell you that you have a pretzel in your ear.”

I was digging through some old video tapes and found this, from 1996. I took a video camera with me when I toured with the BYU folk dancers. I had the time of my life traveling around on a bus in Scandinavia with a bunch of college students.

I apologize in advance that not everyone from the tour is represented equally here. I wasn’t really thinking about that at the time. I was just filming people around me and they tended to be the ones that I knew a little better. In any case, I hope this brings back some good memories. I had forgotten a few things and it made me laugh out loud more than once.

  • Britney


  • Tara Christopher Eyre

    Good memories! Thanks Geoff!