Hi. My name is Geoff Groberg. I like movies, music, computers, and lots of random things.

When it comes to music, I like all kinds, but have a special place in my heart for traditional folk music. Occasionally I perform, make recordings, and sometimes make/restore musical instruments.

I also like movies. I studied film in college with a documentary emphasis.

I’m married with 3 sweet little girls. The youngest is pictured here along with some partially eaten corn on the cob, the perfect symbol of delicious acoustic music.

Random Things

Some movies I like: The 3 Amigos, Moscow Clad in Snow, The Illusionist. (Here are some great quotes from The 3 Amigos.)

My wife Jennifer also has a blog. I like to sabotage it. Still, you can find out more about our family there including:

More Random Things:

  • Lincoln Highway (a bluegrassy band I play in; bluegrass, celtic, and other traditional music styles)
  • Fire on the Mountain (another bluegrass band I play in; fun, upbeat mountain music)
  • Julussa (a trio that I play in; a mix of Scandinavian new-folk music with an emphasis on the mesmerizing sounds of the Norwegian Hardanger Fiddle)
  • GeslisonGroberg.com (recordings of traditional Hymns, done in a folk/acoustic style; a collaborative project with Mark Geslison)
  • Stock-Music.com (a production music library; background music for videos, presentations, etc.)
  • GrobergParadise (Jennifer’s blog about our family)
  • The Lee library at BYU, where I work

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